Ingredients List

Our soaps are all made from detergent free, high-quality ingredients. They are scented with the beautiful scents of essential oils and fragrance oils.  We use botanicals from natural herbs and flowers.  Handmade in Nyssa, Oregon.  

Safe, wholesome ingredients!

The following is a list of most of the ingredients you will find in our products:

Oils: Apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil (or hemp oil), jojoba oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, tallow, and lard. (some of these oils are infused with different herbs and/or petals)

Butters: cocoa butter, mango butter, kokum butter, and shea butter.

Liquids:Aloe vera juice, beer/ale, brewed coffee, coconut milk, distilled water,  fragrance and/or essential oils, goat milk, oatmilk, and botanical teas.

Solids: botanicals, clays, ground herbs and teas, sodium hydroxide or salt, bees wax, coffee grounds, coffee beans, hops, oatmeal, colloidal oatmeal, sodium lactate, indigo, spirulina, activated charcoal, Himalayan salt, sea salt, titanium dioxide, non-nano zinc oxide, micas, tussah silk, skin-safe colorants, and eco glitter.

Olive oil:  It is very good for your skin because it forms a breathable film to prevent your skin from drying out.  Olive oil does not block the natural functions of the skin. 

Coconut oil: Obtained from dried coconut meat from the coconut palm. Its saturated nature makes a very hard bar of soap with a quick fluffy cleansing lather.

Palm oil: Comes from the palm oil tree. It is made from the pulp of the fruit. It adds hardness to a bar of soap.

Grapefruit Seed extract: A by‑product of the citrus industry, is an all‑vegetable extract that extends the life of a bar of soap.  It contains vitamin C and glycerin.

Sweet Almond Oil: An excellent healthy barrier for your skin. Pressed from the kernel of the almond this is a wonderful light oil that is soothing for dry skin.  Vitamin rich with A, B1, B.

Shea Butter: Keeps your skin from drying out and as a result it becomes softer and will help to protect.

Bees wax: Naturally produced by the worker honey bees used for the construction of their honeycomb. Bees wax is an excellent hardening agent.

Cocoa butter: Extracted from the seed of the Cacao tree. Cocoa butter is known to stay on the surface of the skin to help protect the skin.

Vitamin E: A natural ingredient that protects cosmetic products and oils from oxidation and rancidity...and is very good for the skin.

Jojoba (pronounced hoho ba): is not actually an oil but is a liquid wax.  It has natural properties and is know to help extend the shelf life of other oils since it resists rancidity.

Hemp Oil: Hemp seed oil, or hemp oil is made by pressing hemp seeds, similar to how olive oil is made by pressing whole olives and is perfect for most skin types without clogging your pores.

Clays: They have been used for centuries as a natural agent to help beautify the skin. Clays absorb excess oils, dirt, and harmful toxins from the skin and are great also for natural colorants in soap. 

Pure Essential oils

Pure Essential oils are the highly concentrated extracts of various herbs, plants and flowers. In effect, these volatile oils represent the “spirit” or “essence” of each plant they are derived from.